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Author Title Title Rating Index
Austin, Miriam Cool Yoga Tricks 5 1
Baptiste, Baron Journey into Power 4.5 2
Belling, Noa The Yoga Handbook   3
Bennett, Bija Emotional Yoga
How the Body Can Heal the Mind
Birch, Beryl Bender Power Yoga 4 5
Brown, Christina   The Book of Yoga
Bringing the Body, Mind, and Spirit into Balance and Harmony
Brown, Christina   Yoga
A system for harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit
Butler, Donald Ten Minute Yoga   7
Carroll, Cain
  Kimata, Lori
Partner Yoga
Making Contact for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Growth
4.5 8
Chapman, Jessie Yoga for Partners
Over 75 Postures to do Together
4 9
Choudhury, Bikram Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class 3 10
Cunningham, Annalisa Gentle Yoga for Healing
Mind, Body, and Spirit
3 11
De Brunhoff, Laurent Babar's Yoga for Elephants 4 12
Desikachar, T.K.V The Heart of Yoga 4 13
Dworkis, Sam Recovery Yoga
A Practical Guide for Chronically Ill, Injured, and Post-Operative People
3 14
Farhi, Donna   Bringing Yoga to Life
The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living
Farhi, Donna     Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit
A return to Wholeness For Students of all Levels and Traditions
4 16
Feuerstein, Georg, Ph.D   The Yoga Tradition 3 17
Feuerstein, Georg, Ph.D   The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga 2.5 18
Frost, Gavin and Yvonne   Tantric Yoga   19
Gates, Rolf
  Kenison, Katrina
  Meditations from the Mat
Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga
4 20
Gannon, Sharon
Life, David
  The Art of Yoga 3.5 21
Gannon, Sharon
Life, David
  Jiva Mukti Yoga
Practices for Liberating Body and Soul
3.5 22
Iyengar, B.K.S.   Light on Yoga 4 23
Jeremijenko, Valerie How we live our Yoga
Teachers and practitioners on how yoga enriches, surprises, and heals us
Jerusalism, Janice   A Guide to Yoga   24
Kent, Howard   Yoga Made Easy   25
Khalsa, Shakta Kaur   K-I-S-S Guide to Yoga 2 26
Kirby, Connie and Robert Dunne   The Art of Sensual Yoga 3 27
Kraftsow, Gary   Yoga for Transformation
Ancient Teachings and Practices for Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit
Kraftsow, Gary   Yoga for Wellness
Healing with timeless Teachings of Viniyoga
5 29
Lark, Liz   Power Yoga
Conntect to the core with Astanga Yoga
3 30
Lasater, Judith 30 Essential Yoga Poses
for Beginning Students and their Teachers
Meaux, Kia   Dynamic Yoga 3 31
Mishabae The Joy of Partner Yoga   32
Morgan, Miranda   My First Book of Yoga 3 33
Odier, Daniel   Tantric Quest
An Encounter with Absolute Love
4 34
Payne, Larry Ph.D   The Business of Teaching Yoga 3 35
Phillips, Kathy   The Spirit of Yoga 3 36
Pilobolus   Twisted Yoga 3 37
Rosen, Richard   The Yoga of Breath
A Step-by-Step Guide to Pranayama
Schatz, Mary Pullig, M.D. Back Care Basic
A Doctor's Gentle Yoga Program for Back and Neck Pain Relief
Schneider, Carrie   American Yoga
The Paths and Practices of America's Greatest Yoga Masters
Schneider, Meir   Yoga for your Eyes
Natural Vision Improvement Exercises
Schultz, Larry   Ashtanga
Ashtanga Yoga as Taught by Shri K.Pattabhi Jois
3 41
Shaw, Beth   YogaFit Training Manual, Level One 2 42
Sivananda Yoga
  Vedanta Center
  Learn Yoga in a Weekend 2 43
Smith, Judy
  Kelly, Emily
  Monks, Jonathan
  Pilates and Yoga
 A high-energy partnership of physical and spiritual exercise techniques to revitalize the mind and body
Sparrowe, Linda and Walden, Patricia The Woman's Book of Yoga and Health:
A Lifelong Guide to Wellness
Sparrowe, Linda Yoga -- A Yoga Journal Book 3 44
Stiles, Mukunda Structural Yoga Therapy
Adapting to the individual
Swenson, David   Ashtanga Yoga -- A Practice Manual 3 45
Swenson, Doug Mastering the Secrets of Yoga Flow:
A Unique Program to Improve Focus, Achieve Peace, and Reach Full Physical and Mental Potential
Townley, Wyatt The Breathing Field
Meditations on Yoga
Weller, Stella   Complete Yoga 3 47
Yee, Rodney   Yoga: the Poetry of the Body 3.5 48
Yogananda, Paramahansa   Autobiography of a Yogi   49
Swami Buddhananda   Moola Bandha, The Master Key    


Coulter, H.David Anatomy of Hatha Yoga
A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practioners
Gray, Henry F.R.S   Gray's Anatomy  
Giovanni Iazzetti  

Atlas of ANATOMY

Olsen, Andrea Body Stories -- A Guide to Experiential Anatomy  
Sieg, Kay W., Ph.D
  Adams, Sandra P., Ph.D
  Illustrated Essentials of Musculoskeletal Anatomy  


Blanche, Cynthia The Book of Energy
Invigorating Ways to Revitalize your Life
Brilliant, Jennifer Doga
Yoga for Dogs
Brungardt, Kurt Essential Abs
An Intense 6-week Program
Buhring, Anne
   Rather, Petra
Inspired Cooking for your Individual Well Being
Coulson, Michael Sanskrit -- An Introduction to the Classical Language  
Fontana, David Ph.D Discover Zen -- A Practical Guide  
Gates, Rolf
   Kenison, Katrina
Meditations from the Mat
Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga
Greengrass, Gerry Bow Wow Yoga
10,000 Years of Posturing
Mu, Dolly The Tao of Cows
What Cows Teach Us
Swami Prabhavanada Bhagavad-Gita  

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